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Welcome to the official website of Tiger Termite Control Company, your premier destination for Pest Control Services in Lahore using imported chemicals since our establishment in 2010. At Tiger Termite Control, we lead the market in providing top-notch pest control solutions across Pakistan. Our team of professional pest controllers offers state-of-the-art advanced levels of termite treatment in Lahore, pest control services in Faisalabad, pest control services in Islamabad, and pest control services in Pakistan with the latest fumigation equipment and imported chemicals. Our treatments are designed for enduring effectiveness in termite elimination, ensuring they are safe with no adverse effects on respiratory health. We invite our esteemed customers to take advantage of our complimentary home inspection service to detect termites in residences, offices, warehouses, storefronts, or any property

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You can contact us and share your problems with our team. Our team is available 24 hours.


Our service team will visit your home for a free survey, identify your problems, and provide you with the best solution.


With your permission, our team will start work, and you will see the best results in a short time.

Keep your properties safe from damaging pests.

We highly suggest that you get your valuable items, furniture, storage areas, and places where you keep food checked regularly by our experts. Our pest control team is really good at getting rid of bugs, termites, and other pests from your property, both inside and out. At Tiger Termite Control, we’re committed to keeping our customers safe by offering quick and professional pest control services in Lahore, Islamabad, and pest control service in Pakistan. Termites tend to show up quite a bit in our area because the soil is often moist, making it a good place for them to live, whether it’s in homes or businesses.